Winners August 4, 2012

The NMMRA Non Wing Sprints Headlined The Races At Aztec Speedway

The NMMRA non wing sprints brought 19 cars to Aztec Speedway Saturday night and put on their usual good show. Two newcomers to Aztec were Tom Harper and Sean Koutz, both of the Los Angeles, Ca. area. Harper is the stunt co-ordinator on a movie being filmed in New Mexico (The Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp). Koutz is a stuntman and handles rigging many of the stunts. They have been very busy for most of the summer but found a break to go home and bring out their spint cars to have some fun. I asked Koutz before the race if he was up for some stunts here…..I think I should have let that alone. You’ll see why in a moment.

The three sprint races were won by Tom Ball of Albuquerque, Bill Mitchell of Albq. and Asa Kesterson of Spencerville, N.M. All 19 cars lined up for the 20 lap feature with Patrick Bourke of Colorado starting on the pole and Randy Smith on the outside. Smith lead one lap and Bourke took over to lead until lap 17 when Ronnie Smith took over and went on to notch the win. The race was red flagged on lap 5 as Sean Koutz (the stuntman) came together with Tim Knight, Jr. out of turn 2. Koutz ended up on top of the wall and flipping over on his side. Both cars sustained damage that sidelined them for the night. When I saw Koutz after the race he commented, “no more stunts tonight”. His boss did some better finishing in the 10th spot. Hopefully these guys will join us again for the Floyd Reynolds Memorial on Sept. 1st and 2nd…..we sent an invitation to Johnny Depp to come up also. As Tom Harper said, “Don’t hold your breath”. The racing action was close all during the 20 laps with the race winner moving up from a 10th starting spot. Steve Nix also moved up from 11th to 4th. The finishing order went like this: Ronnie Smith, Pat Bourke, Bill Mitchell, Steve Nix, and Tom Ball for the top five. In sixth and back were Kristi Smith (ran great all night), Glen Brace, Autin Mansfield (another good run), Tom Lee, Tom Harper, Jerry Higginbotham, Butch Box, Justin Brown (R), Randy Smith, Cody Mansfield, Asa Kesterson, Nick Rael-broke, Tim Knight,jr.-wreck, Sean Koutz-wreck.

In the IMCA modifieds, the heat races were won by Charlie Felker and Kevin Brown. Only 11 modifieds were on hand to run a 20 lap feature. Kevin Brown ws the class of the field as he lead every lap for his first win and only his 2nd appearance at Aztec Speedway this year. Charlie Felker took 2nd spot 2.396 sec. behind Brown. In 3rd was Allen Bradley followed by Zach Hamilton and Robbie Chiles…rounding out the rest of the field were Matt Ratzlaff of Monte Vista, Co., Danny Bradford, Regan Tafoya, Andy Goodenough, Julian Garcia,Sr. and David Davis. Where are all the modifieds???

The IMCA sport modified heats were won by: Julie Boettler, Bobby Rivas, and RL Henley. Moving on the 20 lap feature this night, the IMCA sport modifieds managed to get 15 cars out this week and put on a good show. Joey Klemish charged from 8th starting spot to take the lead on lap 5 in his Mopar car #KB22. Klemish then proceeded to walk away from the field and win by a shade over 5 seconds over a strong old man, Bobby Rivas. I can pick on him cause I’m older. In 3rd was Julie Boettler with Brian Carey 4th and Brandon Tenski in 5th. The rest of finish was: RL Henley, Jessie Baldwin, David Lewis, Ryan Henley-spun on the last lap, Roger Cordary, John Leeds, Tom Plant, Ace Eavenson, Ross Whipple, and Dakota McAdam.

In the IMCA stock car heats, the winners were: Shane Devilbiss and Frankie Hendershot. The 20 lap feature in this class was taken down by Frankie Hendershot as he beat his brother Kenny to the checkers by over 7 seconds. Following Kenny was Traci Jennings with another good run. In 4th was Shane Devilbiss after winning two in a row, Travis Southerlin, Jereamy Bradley, Steffan Carey, Steve Southern, and Richard Trujillo DNS.

In the USRA hobby stocks, the feature was won by Adam Soukup in his #14A. This is Soukup’s first win at Aztec Speedway. Adam held off all challengers in this 15 lap race. Randy Dorsett was 2nd with Amador Milliano 3rd, Darrell Cordary 4th and Patrick Bateman 5th. Paul Dorsett and Jim Griffin rounded out the short but fast field of hobby stocks.

The Mini stocks and hornets had 4 cars and two of them crashed out for the night in a heat race….so the trophies were awarded to Tom Gallagher in a mini stock and Michael Cody in his hornet.

Another night is complete at Aztec Speedway and we are looking ahead to the Floyd Reynolds Memorial race on Sept. 1st and 2nd which will feature the ASCS Winged sprints and the NMMRA non wing sprints and the CLMA late models. No racing this weekend at Aztec as Fairgrounds Speedway in Cortez will see action.

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