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Welcome to 2015 at Aztec Speedway

6/18/15 Remember the Rules

As a reminder:

  1. No non race personal vehicles beyond pit gates. (Exceptions are track employees and ones going to handicap parking with a handicap sticker or permission from track management. Pit girls will have a list.) This also pertains to handicap in the grandstands.
  2. Absolutely no drinking in pits until after the last race of the night. Anyone caught drinking will be fined and subject to suspension.
  3. If there is a possibility of rainout wait until the call has been made.

Thank you,

Thank you for your cooperation,
Track management.

2015 Race Schedule

For the last two years Aztec Speedway, Desert Thunder Raceway, and Fairgrounds Speedway all agreed to not schedule point events on top of one another and it has worked very well to date. Now weather problems have created a unique situation. I am committed to honoring the agreement we have with Desert Thunder Raceway and Fairgrounds Speedway. So the racing agenda for 6/13/15 is as follows:

  • The Sport Compacts, Hobby Stocks, and the Stock Cars will run their rained out main events from 5/23/15 first starting at 7 PM. After the completion of those mains we run a regular event. The classes running will be Sport Compacts, Hobby Stocks, Stock Cars, SportMods and Modifieds. NOTE: The SportMods and Modifieds will not be running for points, only money. Modifieds and SportMods will draw/re draw.
  • The race from 6/6/15 that was rained out will be made up later in the season on a Friday night. This will be determined in the days to come.
  • The SportMod main that was stopped due to rain on 5/23/15 will be run on 6/20/15 prior to the regularly scheduled event.
  • The Four Corners 200 Enduro race that was scheduled for this weekend, 6/13/15, will be pushed to the end of the season.

– Mike Tenski

See the full 2015 schedule (does not include latest updates).

Admission prices here.

April 25 Write-up

Rain was everywhere Saturday night except at Aztec Speedway. Only great racing reigned on this track. The IMCA modifieds came out swinging with only 14 cars as a result of three cars having mechanical problems in their heat races. But that didn’t keep the remaining 14 from putting on a great race. Eddie Farley took the lead from the pole and looked to be unbeatable. An early yellow closed things back up. During the yellow, four cars left the track and did not return. Now only 10 cars were left to keep the fans interested. And they did just that. Farley continued to lead but with challenges from Aaron Spangler, Allen Bradley and Zane Debilbiss. Finally on lap 10 Debilbiss had moved his car to the inside of Farley. Coming out of turn four, Farley couldn’t hold the car down and Devilbiss cleared him for the lead. From there on the race was for 2nd as Devilbiss was not going to relinquish the impending win in this 25 lap feature. Regan Tafoya took over the 2nd spot in the final laps with Eddie Farley holding onto 3rd. Aaron Spangler was in 4th with Allen Bradley a strong 5th. Sixth on back were: Danny Bradford, Shane Devilbiss, Derek Neil, Jason Keeler, Wayne Soares, Matt Ratzlaff, Tyrone Yazzie, Pat Castil, and Jody Cornell. Nick Nelson, Dave Davis and Darrell Bradford did not start. Eddie Farley, Aaron Spangler and Derek Neil were the heat race winners.

The IMCA stock cars put on their usual great race with 16 cars taking to the track for a 25 lap feature. Race Fisher jumped in front from the outside pole and held onto the lead for nine laps. Several cars challenged him almost on every lap until lap 10. The familiar Witten’s Warriors #3 piloted by Witten’s dad, Stephen Carey, came through to take over in front. Carey started pulling away from the others and was obviously headed for a win. That is until on lap 15 when Carey was coming out of turn 4….he looped it. As Stephen himself said, he “put it in the spin cycle”. He went to the back and eventually still managed to finish 4th. The race was then between Race Fisher, Samuel Sansoni, Josh Turnbull and Ron Brewer. All had a chance but Sansoni managed to keep his silver #13 in front until the last lap. Tony Hill had been on the move for the final 5 laps and caught Sansoni coming out of turn 4. The race was decided about 100 feet from the checkers as Hill put the Victory Engines #007 in front at that point. Hill now has won the last two events at Aztec Speedway and he picked up a win last week in Price, Utah. The old pro is on a roll….again. With Sansoni’s close 2nd, the third spot went to Race Fisher and fourth was Stephan Carey. In 5th was a much improved Josh Turnbull. On a side note: Jeramey Bradley ran 2nd for much of the race until a flat tire with 5 to go put him in the back. Heat race winners were: Ron Brewer, Stephan Carey and Tony Hill.

The IMCA sport modifieds had 22 cars to start the night with only 20 of them making the start. Two cars were lost in a massive 6 car crash during a heat race. Richard Trujillo’s car was damaged too badly to continue and Bub Hughes’ Cookie Monster car took a nasty looking end over end tumble. Luckily both drivers were ok. When the green fell on the 20 car field, Dylan Terry put his double zero car in front for a couple until that familiar #3 of Jessie Baldwin too over. Baldwin was chased by Luke McCormick and Jordan Eddleman but neither car could get close enough to pass. Plenty of close racing took place from 2nd on back to 7th. with Eddleman winning the battle for the 2nd spot. Third went to Rex Higgins and fourth to Randy Dorsett. In fifth was B Baldwin in his brother Ricky’s car #17. Sixth was the hard luck-hard charger of the night. Luke McCormick. With a spin, involvement in two crashes and a hot pit stop for a flat, McCormick can look at a close 6th place finish as a victory. Seventh on back were: Mike Thiessen, Darrell Cordary, Joe Esquibel, Robert Cody, Christina Gaellgos, Paul Miller, Danial Miller, Bill Dutton, Roger Cordary, Jason Hockenhull, Bill Dowdy, Dylan Terry, Matt Clugston, Brian Carey. Bub Hughes and Richard Trujillo did not start. Heat race winners were: Brian Carey, Jessie Baldwin and Jordan Eddleman.

The Four Corners Family Dental sponsored Dash for Cash had only three cars make the call. And Mike Thiessen took good advantage of that and put his #23 machine in front and in victory circle. He also put $250 in his pocket. Good job Mike and thanks again goes out to Dr. Tyler Mann and the Four Corners Family Dental of Farmington.

The hobby car count was on the low side with six cars entered. Only five took the green due to an earlier crash in a heat race. Robert Mason and another car made contact coming out of turn 4 with Mason’s car barrel rolling and coming to rest upside down. Mason was ok but the car was a mess. Now during the feature, Johnny Livingston went out early leaving only four hobbys to do battle. Patricia Phillips took an easy win with RaNai Toler, Paul Weller and Travis Bray behind her. The heat race was won by RaNai Toler.

The sport compacts had four cars go ten laps with Josh Smith winning again. Austin Maxwell was next with Brittany Yates 3rd and Michael Cody fourth. Josh Smith also took the heat race.

Good racing and good weather (a little cool)this night and more good racing in store for you at Aztec Speedway. Coming up next Saturday at 6pm will be the MONSTER TRUCKS. Later in the season the winged sprints will be here, a demo derby is on tap and an eduro 200 lapper is scheduled. Check the schedule on The next regular night of racing is in two weeks. I’ll see you there.

— Lynn Hensley, April 26, 2015

Drivers remember the following items are required at Aztec Speedway:

  • Mufflers in all classes
  • All IMCA safety gear without tears, chips, cracks, or holes
  • In Modified, SportMod, and Stock Cars valid IMCA License
  • Portable fire extinguisher to be in pit area
  • Receivers in all classes
  • Transponders in all classes (we have a few to rent out)

Looking back at 2014

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Winners, May 21

IMCA Sport

1st: Joshua Hodges
2nd: Bo Baker
3rd: Scott Box
4th: Jessie Baker
5th: Ronnie Smith

IMCA Modified

1st: Regan Tafoya
2nd: Porter Smith
3rd: Zane Devilbiss
4th: Danny Bradford
5th: Kevin Faddis

IMCA Southern Sport Mods

1st: Dakota Kibel
2nd: Brandon Tenski
3rd: Zach Hamilton
4th: Shane Simonton
5th: Julie Boettler

IMCA Stock

1st: Lee Moss
2nd: Rex Higgins
3rd: Kenny Hendershot
4th: Travis Southerlin
5th: Danny Stevenson

Winners, May 7 2011

IMCA Stock

1st: Shane Devilbliss
2nd: Allen Bradley
3rd: Rex Higgins
4th: Larry Bradley
5th: Steffan Carey

IMCA Modified

1st: Aaron Spangler
2nd: Porter Smith
3rd: Regan Tafoya
4th: JJ Harpole
5th: Matthew Higgins

IMCA Sport Mod

1st: Zach Rouse
2nd: Zach Hamilton
3rd: Jordan Eddleman
4th: Anthony “Ace” Everson
5th: Brandon Tenski

Hobby Stock

1st: Dennis Spencer
2nd: Randy Dorsett
3rd: Kevin Southerlin
4th: Jeremy Bradley
5th: RaNai Toler

Mini Stock

1st: Breezy Hopper
2nd: Amanda Hamilton
3rd: Ross Whipple
4th: Jeannie Hensley

Aaron Spangler wins another IMCA modified feature at Aztec Speedway, May 7, 2011

Aaron Spangler eased his #16 IMCA modified in front of JJ Harpole midway in a 25 lap feature at Aztec Speedway. Regan Tafoya gave chase for a few laps in his Rimco Special #24 but relinquished 2nd to a hard charging Porter Smith. Smith moved the Smith Ranch #7 between Toafoya and Harpole and then set his sights on Spangler. Smith tried to take the win but had to settle for 2nd as Aaron Spangler would not be denied his first feature win of 2011 at Aztec. Tafoya was a close 3rd with Harpole 4th and Matt Higgins 5th. Jason Keeler put his #73 in front early but was shuffled back to 6th at the end. During a restart after a caution, Bill Dowdy was clipped by another car and sent up the track in turn one. He carried the #110 of Tyrone Yazzie with him to the wall. Both drivers were ok but Yazzie’s car appeared to be a total loss. Dowdy also had some heavy damage. Aaron Spangler just keeps adding wins to the IMCA modified record book. He is well over 100 career wins. In a side note: Camron Spangler, Aaron’s son, won his quarter midget feature earlier in the evening.

In the IMCA sport modified feature, 20 cars were set to take the green but two cars failed to make the call. Eighteen took the green with Ryan Henley leading for a couple until Jordan Eddleman took over till lap nine. Julie Boettler put her #97 in front followed by Zach Rouse. These two traded the lead three different times in the next six laps. On lap 15, Rouse finally pulled in front as Boettler slipped in turn two. Zach Hamilton followed Rouse for 2nd spot. They ran this way till the white flag came out with Boettler spinning out going into turn one. The yellow and checker waved giving the win to Zach Rouse. Zach Hamilton had to settle for 2nd, Jordan Eddleman 3rd, Anthony “Ace” Eaverson 4th and Brandon Tenski 5th.

The IMCA stock car 25 lap feature had 19 cars set to go. Danny Stevenson could not get his car going and was a DNS. Eighteen cars did take the green and ran three and four wide for 19 laps with Shane Devilbiss leading the way until the yellow flag flew for a three car get together of turn two. The last six laps saw Devilbiss hanging on for a three car photo finish. In second by .021 seconds was Allen Bradley and 3rd was Rex Higgins by a wee bit more than that. Fourth went to Larry Bradley and a strong 5th was Steffan Carey. Carey started this race in last place. Shane Devilbiss takes his first win this year in the black #43.

The hobby stock feature saw five different leaders before Dennis Spencer put his #07 in front to stay. Randy Dorsett was 2nd with Kevin Southerlin next followed by Jeremy Bradley and RaNai Toler.

The mini stocks fielded only four cars tonight. Breezy Hopper took the win over Amanda Hamilton, Ross Whipple and Jeannie Henley. Jeannie popped a radiator and spun.

The first powder puff race was held this year with eight ladies taking a stock car around the track for 10 laps. Maygen Carey drove her husband’s #3 to an easy win as she lapped all but the 2nd place car. We may have found a relief driver for Steffan. In second was Becky Higgins driving her husband’s #47. Third went to Caley Lapaire in Michael Higgin’s #27. All clean racing with no spins, crashes or close calls.

Aztec Speedway will take next weekend off but will return to racing on May 21st featuring the NMMRA non wing sprint cars.

Winners, April 30 2011

IMCA Modifieds

1st: Zane Devilbliss
2nd: Matthew Higgins
3rd: Danny Bradforth
4th: Kevin Faddis
5th: JJ Harpole

Sport Mods

1st: Zach Rouse
2nd: Zach Hamilton
3rd: Julie Boettler
4th: Shane Simonton
5th: Tre Harpole

IMCA Stocks

1st: Kenny Hendershot
2nd: Frankie Hendershot
3rd: Rex Higgins
4th: Allen Bradley
5th: Danner Stevenson

Hobby Stocks

1st: Jerrett Guilory
2nd: Roger Nixon
3rd: Dennis Spencer
4th: Kevin Southerlin
5th: Randy Dorsett

Mini Sprints

1st: Kenny Wheeler
2nd: Mike Wheeler
3rd: Cody Dons
4th: Chris Perea
5th: James Hatch

The 2010 National Champ wins at Aztec Speedway
Posted by Lynn Hensley on April 30, 2011, 11:31 pm

Zane Devilbiss notched his 2nd win this year at Aztec Speedway in the IMCA modified feature. Devilbiss put his Pink Panther #18 in front on lap seven and cruised to a 2.1 second win over his nearest competitor. Devilbiss dodged an early bullet when his car jumped the wheel of another car. “Zippy” barely slowed down. Finishing 2nd was Matthew Higgins in his Bloomfield Pawn #74. Finishing in 3rd for the second week in a row was Danny Bradford, fourth went to Kevin Faddis and rounding out the top five was JJ Harpole. Last weeks’ Wild West Modified Tour winner, Porter Smith, finished out of the top five in seventh.In other racing: The IMCA sport modifieds had 18 cars take the green in their 25 lapper. Three time winner, Zach Rouse, looked as though he would have to settle for 2nd as Zach Hamilton had his Hot Chassis #14 in the lead with one lap to go. But as Hamilton slipped high on the exit of turn 2, Rouse charged underneath and went on to win, leading only 3/4 of a lap. Julie Boettler was 3rd with Shane Simonton running a strong 4th. In fifth was Tre Harpole for his second top five this season.

The IMCA stock cars had 17 cars taking the green. A family gathering took place up front as Kenny Hendershot jumped in front about lap six. His brother Frankie Hendershot moved his car into 2nd a few laps later and the pair led everybody to the checkers. In third was Rex Higgins, Allen Bradley next and fifth went to Travis Southerlin. Southerlin was later DQd and this placed Danny Stevenson in 5th.

In the hobby feature, Jerrett Guilory showed to be the strong suit as he led the pack to the winner’s circle. In second was Roger Nixon followed by Dennis Spencer, Kevin Southerlin and Randy Dorsett.

The mini sprints traveled to Aztec this week from the Albuquerque area. The easy winner was Kenny Wheeler with Mike Wheeler 2nd and Cody Dons third. Finishing fourth was Chris Perea and fifth..James Hatch.

Everyone was treated to great racing as usual at Aztec Speedway. Our ongoing construction should be finished by next Saturday’s races.

Winners April 23, 2011

Coming Soon…