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September 17-18 Floyd Reynolds Event

It was a doozy, and not just for the fans of Al Unser Sr (check out the autographs in the photos below).

Winners – Ryan Bard Memorial Race, August 20-21

A wonderful event. Thank you for coming.

Jordan Hockenhull, won Go Cart Saturday night
Luke Rowe, won main event in Hobby Stock division, Friday
Patricia Phillips, won main event in quartermidget light class, Saturday night
Bradley Huish, won main event in the quartermidget heavy class, Saturday night
Jeff Davis, won the late model class, Saturday night
Aaron Spangler, won the Modified Main Event on Saturday
Amanda Hamilton, won the main event Mini Stock on Saturday
Rex Higgins, won the Main Event Stock Car, on both Friday and Saturday
Zack Rouse, won the Sports Mods Main Event both Friday and Saturday
Porter Smith, won the Modified Main Event on Friday